Rape is Formidable Profession.

While High:

I think being a rapist would be a good, fun job.

Here is why:

5. The hours. You can work at any time during the day or night, Want to go to the movies? Rape a bitch inside the theater. Make work Fun.

4. The pay. You know that for everyone adult that you rape (or any of those stinky Jersey Shore kids) you will at least get $100 in cash and or valuable stuff. That’s $100 for less than 5 minutes of work (if you come fast).

3. The respect. People who know you rape won’t fuck with you. They know you will fuck them (in the ass).

2. The Fame. In all truth, the only two ways to be famous is to either sing or rape. Sometimes, even both, according to R. Kelly.

1. The fact that you  get to fuck any woman you want without having to even ask for her name. That’s some pimp ass shit right there.

No more lists. I’m starting to feel like Fark.com. The place of lists.

PS.  If you are a feminist. Fuck you.


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