While High:

Have you ever been aroused by a function?

I was writing some code, and wrote the most sensual function. Want to see it? I know you want to, so here it is:

def sensual_function():

print “This makes me uncomfortably horny.

Isn’t code beautiful?

Isn’t it the language of the Brights?

I can bet you $100 that if Obama learned how to code, the USA would be so much better.

While High: is a stab at a programming joke. It means that while I’m high I wrote this code or comment.

As in:

while high == “high”:

print “I’m high.”


print “I’m Null.”

I know that is not written properly, but Waldo will get it. And we all know how much Waldo hates to be in public places.

My turn to dance with the cheeseburger.

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