A Ninja knows when to bark.

While High:

I’m so smart. Yes. Me.

I worked in a bogus investigation about what makes the dinosaurs roar, and let me tell you lady those are the nicest shoes you’ever bought at the Colonial House of Penises.

So, I’m like really good at that, and I’m still unemployed.


Yeah. I’m unemployed. That bastard King sent me to war withthe Klingons and he never paid my retirement fund anything and now I’m on the road to Las Vegas to Kill Bill.

I heard Chris Rock died. He was crushed.

My face feels so big. Like the Titanic when it floated.

Also, what is up with people?

Don’t they see I’m King Nostradamus, the discoverer of paint, and inventor of the word PANDEMONIUM.

Ass Burger.

Ass Burger Kills.

Ass Burger Kills again.

The Return of Ass Burger.

Quantum of Ass Burger.

Life is so light. I barely feel alive. Yet sometimes I feel dead. That is why I BONG-A.

That is all.

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